College Admissions: Setting the Right Expectations


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From the time we are children many of us are asked the proverbial question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And, we are often told "You can be anything you want to be" which is often preceded by or sometimes followed by "work hard" or "study hard." Suzy Lee Weiss did work hard and study hard and believed that she could get accepted into an Ivy League school. Apparently, things did not go the way Suzy expected. Were her expectations wrong? With Harvard's 7% acceptance rate from a pool of 26,000 applications, should someone have advised her she could be a long shot at best? What is the best advice for college-bound teens when it comes to aiming high.

How do we as parents, teachers, guidance counselors help them set realistic expectations. Should we? We'll discuss this topic tonight on #CampusChat on Twitter at 9PM ET. It's open mic! Follow @collegevisit and #CampusChat and join us!

Suzy Lee Weiss on NBC's Today Show:

What do you think? Did colleges lie to Suzy? Were her expectations wrong?