spring break college visits - the time to plan is now

High School Juniors: Plan Now for Spring Break College Visits

The week before and after Easter is typically when high school juniors and their parents get serious about spring break college visits.

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Colleges and universities have been busy planning programs that go by names such as: Spring Open House or Junior Preview Day. You should plan, too!

Tips for Planning Spring Break College Visits

  • Decide which colleges to visit and register for the day you plan be on that particular campus.
  • Plan on spending at least a half a day on each campus you visit, and know that some programs may structured with a full day of activity planned.
  • Search for hotels near campus and book your room now. The closer the date of your visit gets, the more likely hotels will fill up.
  • If you’re flying, book your flights now and allow enough leeway in your travel schedule for delays (it seems inevitable that there will be delays related to flying, so plan for it as much as possible).
  • To save money on travel, create a bundled travel package by booking hotel and flight together.

Tips for Going on Your College Visit

  • Go prepared with a list of questions.

See our campus visit question guide for suggestions about what to ask when you visit campus.

  • Evaluate each visit using the same criteria and make notes of what stands out, who you meet and what you like or don’t like. (Download our SCV Campus Visit Evaluation Form. Print or copy as many as you need. You may want to keep a few in your car’s glove box to have on hand.)
  • Have a family member take a photo of you at the entrance to each college. Even though this may sound corny now, later, when you’re reviewing where you’ve been, the photo will trigger memories about your visit that you may not have jotted down on the evaluation form.
  • Most importantly, talk with other students and faculty. Ask what they like and don’t like or what they would change about their school if they could.


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