Teachers: The First Heroes We Know

Kelly Queijo, editor/founder of Smart College Visit
Blacksburg, Virginia 

For as long as I can remember a teacher has been my hero, beginning with Mrs. Sampson–the first grownup outside of my parents that I looked up to, loved and trusted. She was my kindergarten teacher.  

Later on, in 8th grade, there was Mr. Watson, who encouraged and inspired me to believe that I could learn Algebra. He told me that "there are no stupid questions" and then patiently answered all the questions that I could muster up the courage to ask.

Throughout high school and in college I have been fortunate to know many teachers who served to inspire, to encourage and to lead.  When we lose a teacher, we don't just lose a life, we lose a lifetime of influence. 

As stories about the shootings at Sandy Hook emerge, we will discover there were many heroes made that day and as the community heals, many more heroes will be emerge. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Newtown community for their tremendous loss and to the teachers, our every day heroes: yesterday, today and for all the years to come.