December College Visit Planning Roundup

December is one of those questionable months when it comes to campus visits. You may already be asking yourself  should I visit colleges or not?

The decision about when to visit a campus is often based on personal schedules, the opportunity to combine family travel with college travel, and date-specific admission programs such as open house or preview day. With so many factors to consider, it's easy to forget that there's a lot going on (and sometimes not going on) on any given campus during the month of December.


Frisbee snow st joes

Winter Frisbee at St. Joseph's College of Maine


Exams, winter graduation, semester breaks…all of these can impact what you might consider tobe a "good day to visit." To help you plan and factor in the pluses and negatives of visiting a college in December, we've compiled a list of previously published posts packed with tips and considerations. Often times, what makes a good campus visit begins with setting the right expectations. 

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