College Tour Tip #5: Research, research, research

College Tour Tip #5 comes from Connie Melucci Roberts
Blogger at: Brain Foggles and Traveling Mom as Disabled TravelingMom 

College Tour Tip #5Took my daughter to visit New College of Florida, a school that was high on her list to attend. My tip is to learn as much as possible about what is important to your child academically, socially, etc. Then research that before hand.

My daughter was disappointed to learn that she had to complete a senior thesis before she could graduate. As a perfectionist this scared her to death! Of course we didn't find that out until the tour was almost over. –CR

At SCV, we encourage students to research colleges online, watch videos, and find out as much about the school as possible prior to visiting. But, what about "researching" your child? Connie makes an excellent point that it's critical to know what's important from your child's perspective. By knowing more about both the college and your child, finding the college that's a good fit will be a lot easier down the road. 

New College of Florida Application Deadline: NCF accepts regular decision applications, on a rolling basis, November 2, 2012 – April 15, 2013.  All students will receive admission decisions by April 25, 2013 if not sooner. For more information about NCF, check out the college profile page on Smart College Visit. Have you visited NCF? Share your comments below!