On Homesickness

You are going to get homesick when you go to college. It’s inevitable, and what you discover during that first trip back home will surprise you.

by Erin Westerman  | @ErinSCV | Smart College Visit Intern   

Erin_familyAs your time in high school winds down, it may seem
that it went by in the blink of an eye. High school can be fun and full of school
spirit, but it can also be a long four years. I, for one, was ready to get out.
I enjoyed my time in high school but I was excited to start over and recreate
myself in any way that I pleased. I was eager, though terrified, to start the
next chapter in my life.

You are going to get
homesick. It's inevitable. 

I so badly wanted to escape
my tiny little town, but now that I’m away at college I miss it. I hadn't
thought of what I would leave behind or how often I would come home; I had
simply been looking ahead. I miss the comfort of my house and waking up in my
room. I miss my dog and adventures with my friends. I miss playing high school
sports and the safety of my hometown. But I love it here at college. 

Endicott College_Erin and mom

No, the twin XL mattress is not as comfortable
as your pillow-top queen bed and you can’t bring all 86 of your stuffed animals.
Yes, wearing flip flops in the shower and lugging around a shower caddy is
annoying. Maybe you miss mom's home cooking or, somehow, your annoying younger
siblings. So, go ahead and call your parents or your best friend and say “hi"
but don't stress about it. It's okay to be homesick but it's college, so
embrace it and enjoy it! 

It’s crazy how quickly you become accustomed to
a messy little room, how the people down the hall become a sort of family, and how
you adjust to the new life you've made. The first time I went back to my
hometown, I found myself a bit disoriented. I was there for a long weekend,
excited to see my friends and family. I even brought my roommate along and we
had a great time. By the end, however, I was ready to head back “home.” 

When I said it out loud, it became apparent that
I was talking about college.

It was so bizarre to me how
I could be saying that I left something in ‘my room’ at school, as I was
sitting in the bedroom I had called mine for the past ten years. I finally
understood what people had told me about the first time going back to your
house after starting college and how much you realize you have changed since
the last time you were there. Call me sentimental, but the tiny square room my
roommate and I share, that crowded dining hall, those drawers that don't seem
to fit half my clothes; after only a few months, already feels like my home.

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