Hurricane Sandy Alert Tracking

Here's hoping students and college/university personnel in all of the areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy are safe. For those who are tracking information related to weather, travel and news, here are a few resources you may want to use:

Hurricane_wordleTravel / Weather Links

College / University Updates

  • Search and follow the colleges and universities that interest you on Twitter and Facebook
  • Go to the university home page for the school you need to track. Most colleges post emergency alerts and closings on their home page. Sign up for any alerts offered to the public.
  • Set up a Google Alert for any school you need to track for "as-it-happens" news.
  • It's likely that many colleges on the East Coast will changed their Early Decision and Early Action deadlines. Check your email for updates from schools you already have contact with and be sure to check their web site and the admissions/application pages for announcements related to deadline changes. Check more than once. It may take a few days for updates to be posted. If in doubt, stick with the original deadline if possible. 
  • You can also phone the admissions office. Many schools will post information about delays and deadlines on their answer message. 

Be smart and be safe during this and all extreme weather situations.