Amie Hoff, Founder of Hoff Fitness

Chelsea Merget

Amie HoffThe freshman 15 is a problem that has persisted across generations of incoming college students. Amie Hoff, the health mastermind behind Hoff Fitness, has the tools to put a stop to this burden.  

Amie is based in New York City and specializes in the 15-25 age group. She takes each client’s strengths, lifestyle and body type into account to optimize a nutritional routine that suits the individual. According to Amie, she “specializes in getting them through college with little weight gain while keeping their energy up, helping with sleep patterns and avoiding stress through exercise and proper nutrition.” 

As a spokesperson for the fitness industry, Amie is frequently featured on TV, radio and in print providing sound advice about healthy living. She was even asked to be the personal trainer on a season of MTV’s “Making the Band” with P Diddy and Allure Magazine voted her Best Personal Trainer, not once but twice. 

Amie joined us on #CampusChat (09/19/12) to share the tips and tricks behind healthy living as a young adulthood.