ADHD/LD & College Prep: Takeaways from #CampusChat

ADHD disclosure

That was just one of the many questions about college prep for ADHD/LD students addressed during #CampusChat with expert guest/co-host Jenn Cohen, founder of Jennifer Cohen Tutoring specializing in tutoring, coaching and consulting for the SAT, PSAT and ACT for ADD/ADHD and special needs students.

Cohen recommends disclosing learning disabilities if you think it will help explain discrepancies with respect to grades or test scores.  She also recommends that students include in their letter a plan for how to work around weaknesses when they become enrolled as a college student. 

Other recommendations contributed during the chat include:

  • Bring copies of LD documentation with you to college visits.
  • ALWAYS ask if special needs programs add to the cost of tuition. Services may be exceptional, but come at a hefty price. 
  • Stay in close contact with students with disabilities offices at target schools. They can guide you through the process. 
  • Accommodations approval in high school do not transfer to college. Students must provide recent documentation to be considered for accommodations for learning disabilities. 
  • There are some colleges that cater specifically to students with special needs (Landmark College and Beacon College were mentioned).
  • With respect to standardized tests, start prepping early! That means a year ahead of preferred date for ADHD/LD students.