Takeaway Tweets & Transcript: Gluten-free #CampusChat

Going gluten-free in college is a challenge, but we learned last night during #CampusChat, it's not an impossible task. Some of the top takeaway tips to help college-bound teens and those already in college who have celiac's disease or gluten sensitivity include:

Tweety@midlife_celiac Q8 Finding/ forming an on campus support group is great way tomake changes, raise awareness make it safer for those in future#campuschat

@JodieMichelleXO @collegevisit Q8 HIGHLY important!It helps with a million things. If the college doesn't have one..start one #campuschat

@SoLuckyGifts: Lots of protein bars, my Gluten Free Registry app on my iPhone (shows via GPS GF in area) and Chipotle when I can find one!

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 Thank you to our "top tweeters" and for all the wisdom and resources they shared:

May is national Celiac Awareness Month. To learn more about celiac disease, please visit CeliacCentral.org. #CampusChat is held Wednesdays at 9PM ET. Follow @collegevisit for upcoming  details.