SAT Test Prep Tips

Got SAT test anxiety? Preparation is the key and even if you’re in a time crunch with a test date looming, there’s still time to pick up some quick tips to help you along the way.

Our four-part series is co-published with BellCurves. To read the complete series, click here, or download the PDF version. Each section of our test prep guide is listed below:

  1. The Test Environment – It’s a different world, so go prepared when you sit for the SAT.
  2. Scoring – Should you skip a question on the SAT? Understand the scoring, then decide.
  3. (Re)Learn the Content – The SAT and ACT test you on content from 1st through 11th grade.
  4. The Tricks – Know that tricks are not magic.  They are soundly reasoned strategies that let you take advantage of the quirks and patterns of the test to either do work faster or make a good guess.

If you’re still anxious, enjoy the comedic style of Dr. Nancy Berk, author, psychologist, mom and regular contributor to Smart College Visit:  ’twas the Night Before SATs.