College Prep for Parents: Listen to Your Gut

Z. Kelly Queijo, founder
Smart College Visit 

Parent to parent - college prep - trust your gutAs a mom of two teenagers, there's one lesson I've had to learn repeatedly and that is: Trust Your Gut. 

Whether intuition manifests itself as a "gut-feeling" or speaks as if it were a teeny little voice whispering quietly, I have found that the moment I fail to listen becomes a moment I will come to regret in the future. 

Throughout my years as a parent, I have, unfortunately, had to relearn this lesson. I'm hoping I've got it down pat for the next four years of college prep and parenting my youngest during 9th-12th grade.

These are the mistakes I don't want to make with child #2 as he makes the transition to high school. From now on, I plan to listen to that teeny voice and take the following actions:

  • If something does not feel quite right, I'm not going to wait wait until the end of a grading period to decide a conference with the teacher is needed. If midterm report cards show below average work, I'm going to find out what's going on and take whatever action is needed (ex: check homework assignments, know test dates, project deadlines, etc.). 
  • If my son is falling behind because something is not being explained well enough in class I'll look into what resources the school offers to supplement learning (ex: after school help, study groups, online support, etc.).
  • I won't hesitate to hire a tutor if necessary. Note: some communities have free tutoring services through service learning projects at local colleges. Find out if yours does and take advantage of these opportunities.

Do you have a Parent-to-Parent story to share? If you've gone through similar "learning moments" as a parent, feel free to post a comment about what you've learned. If you have a longer story to share, use our Share Your Story form to tell us more (I'll follow up with you personally). It's good to know other parents go through similar challenges as we help our kids get on the path to college.