Three Tips To Get Started on Pinterest

Start Pinning!

  1. Get invited. You can go to and request an invitation or just ask a friend who uses it to invite you.
  2. Once you are logged in, click the “Add +” button to create boards. Think of a board like a literal cork-board where you want to pin articles and pictures about specific topics. You can create many boards or just a few.
  3. Search for keywords on items you might be interested in (ex: college-bound advice). Once you search, you’ll be given the option of looking at Pins, Boards, People. 

For example, if you search on “college visit,” you get these results:

Snip of College Visit

  • Pins – these are articles or photos that other people have put up using the subject you searched on. You’ll see everything any person has pinned about college visits.
  • Boards – these are boards dedicated to the subject you searched on. When you view aboard, you’ll see the name of the board in bold and right underneath that is the name of the person (or company) who has created the board.
  • People – people who use the subject term as their name or title. You’ll see the logo or photo, the person/company name, and the geographic location.

Enjoy and see you on Pinterest!

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