Takeaway Tweets & Transcript from #CampusChat with Kettering University’s Karen A Full

Kettering University is ranked #1 for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME) and continues to be ranked in the Top Twenty in the nation in the current edition of "America's Best Colleges Guide," which is published by "U.S.News & World Report."  What makes Kettering unique is the university's mandatory requirement that all students participate in a co-op program. 

KarenafullKaren A Full, director of undergraduate admissions, joined us on February 8, 2012 on #CampusChat to share insights about Kettering and co-op.

The Takeaway Tweets interview portion of #CampusChat follows. The complete transcript which includes questions from participants as well as Karen's answers can be found here: #CampusChat Transcript 02/08/12.


Q1 How many students are enrolled at Kettering?

 @KarenAfull Kettering has just under 2000 students, mostly undergraduate.

Q2 How many participate in the Co-op program?

@KarenAfull The co-op program is required for ALL students. Co-op managers are assigned to each Kettering students. They help with the co-op job search process. Kettering co-op managers will assist students with the resume process and interviews… get them ready for the co-op! 

Q3 So, there's a co-op program for every major?

@KarenAfull Kettering offers 14 engineering, science, math and business majors.Co-op companies are located all over the U.S. Over 550 companies.  And of course, engineering programs. Some automotive-related, but also bioengineering concentrations.

Q4 What if you're undecided?

@KarenAfull Students can be undecided. Just need a love of math/science, want to do hands-on stuff NOW.

Q5 What kind of student should apply to Kettering?

@KarenAfull Kettering students need to be strong in math. They take calculus right away! 

Q6 What do parents think of the co-op program?

@KarenAfull Parents like that their son/daughter will be prepared for employment. They see much growth and maturity in their student!

Q7 What do students think of the co-op program?

@KarenAfull Our students LOVE co-op. That is usually why they choose Kettering. They get to work right away, doing fun stuff.  Kettering students get to say things like: "I work for Chrysler. I work at BMW. I work at Disney. I work at UPS."

Q8 Can a student pay for his/her entire education through co-op at Kettering?

@KarenAfull Students do often put their earnings toward tuition. We offer great merit schools as well. They earn between $40,000 & $65,000 in their co-op jobs! Does not pay for entire education. 

Q9 What's the greatest benefit of co-op to Kettering students?

@KarenAfull 90% of Kettering students have a job or are in grad school withing 6 months of graduation. Kettering grads tend to have higher salaries than other graduates http://payscale.com. 

Q10 Does co-op make a better student?

@KarenAfull Co-op allows students to take what they have learned in class and apply to real-world, real-life situations. Kettering students really want to "make things better". They get to see how this can take place in industry, in hospitals.

Q11:  How do students get their co-op jobs?

@KarenAfull Students must apply for the jobs. We don't "place" students. they must learn how interview and apply. We help them.

Note that Kettering operates under a rolling admissions plan. This means they are still accepting applications from high school seniors and transfer students.