I Think I’ll Go to Boston

February 3, 2012
Chelsea Merget

Spring09 boston_cm


Looking back on my four years at Boston University, it is difficult for me to pin down exactly what drew me here.  

The communications program is phenomenal.  The faculty is first-class.  Boston is a great city to be in as a college student.  But I think that what sealed the deal with Boston University was when I first visited in April of 2008.

The campus had begun its spring transformation and was blooming back to life from the winter months.  It enveloped me.  I felt like I already was a student there.  I could see myself walking along the Charles River during a study break.

Without hesitation, I could picture milling around the dining hall with new found friends. The scholars around me exuded excellence.  I was surrounded by future CEOs, scientists and educators. It was then that I knew that I would flourish at BU.

Spring09 boston 022cmTo this day, spring is still my favorite season in Boston.  It is full of life and color, much like my experience at Boston University.  It reminds me of my first visit to campus and of the new beginnings that await me.


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