Michael Jackson and College Admissions Together on Glee

February 1, 2012
Z. Kelly Queijo

Glee Kids Get Accepted

Who would have thought Michael Jackson and college admissions would end up in the same episode of Glee? 

I sure didn't. The television previews leading up to this episode featured the MJ tribute and never once indicated that the hot topic of college admissions would also play a dramatic role in the show.

Like most viewers, I expected to see extraordinary new takes on Michael's songs and amazing dance tributes (see teaser below), but I was not expecting the very ordinary anguish of teens waiting to hear from college admissions offices. 

As a fan of the show, it was fun to see hard work rewarded; as publisher of the Smart College Visit blog, I think the Glee characters who were notified could benefit from some of the material we've published here before:

Kurt and Rachel – please read this collection of tweeted advice on how to prepare for your music and dance theatre college audition: Takeaway Tweets & Transcript from #CampusChat with Chelsea Cipolla (founder of "My College Audition").

Quinn – now that you've been admitted to Yale, you don't want to slack off during the remainder of your senior year and you should plan to visit campus in the spring. May 1 is the candidate's reply date to accept your offer of admission. To make plans for your spring campus visit to Yale University, consider reading our post: Been Offered.

If you'd like to know where the real Glee kids (the actors) have attended college, check out: Where'd They Go to School?™ – Stars of GLEE.

Got tips for teen performers who have to prepare for their college theatre auditions? Post them in the comment section!