3 Online Tools Teens, College Students and Moms Can Use

Z. Kelly Queijo

The following online tools are great for keeping up. Period. Whether it's a dental appointment reminder, a phone call you need to make  or a link to a web page you need for research, any and all of these can help:

  1. FollowUpThen
  2. - a free, easy to use, email reminder tool. Using this is as simple as adding an email address with time of reminder in the address.  Ex: 2hours@followupthen.com will email a reminder in 2 hours from the time you sent the note. Reminders can be set for minutes, hours, or days or next month.

  3. EverNote
    – it's difficult to imagine doing research in school (middle, high school or college) without using EverNote. If you've never used EverNote, think of it as way to collect everything you want to keep track of and organized by topic, and even shared with team members. Individuals use it and so do schools. EverNote is available for mobile, tablet and other devices.
  4. ThoughtFull
    – an iPhone app that makes it easy to remember and record anything from a grocery list to a thought you don't want forget. Images and audio can be captured as well. It's 99 cents in the App Store.