Where’d They Go to School?™ — The 2012 Republican Candidates

January 3, 2012

republican partyThe following 2012 Republican candidates are battling to become the Republican Party presidential candidate. They will compete against each other at the Iowa Caucus on January 3, 2012. The list below shows where the candidates attended college for  their undergraduate and/or graduate degrees.

Are any of these colleges and universities on your list of schools to visit?

Michele Bachmann Winona State University
O. W. Coburn School of Law (then a part of Oral Roberts University)
Newt Gingrich Emory University
Tulane University
Video (Emory)
Video (Tulane)
Jon Huntsman University of Pennsylvania
Ron Paul Gettysburg College
Duke University’s School of Medicine
Rick Perry Texas A&M University Video
Mitt Romney Stanford University
Brigham Young University
Harvard University
Rick Santorum Pennsylvania State University
University of Pittsburgh
Dickinson School of Law
Video (Penn State)

Source: Wikipedia and various candidate web sites. 

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