Takeaway Tweets #CampusChat: FAFSA: Pros, Cons, and Deadlines

January 12, 2010

#CampusChatResults of last night's #CampusChat (01/11/12) per Hashtracking.com:

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The top 3 Takeaway Tweet messages: 

  1. File the FAFSA 
  2. File it NOW
  3. Update date it after you've completed your 2011 income tax filing

More Takeaway Tweets 

  • NEVER exclude a college based on sticker price. Ignore price until you get your aid package. #campuschat Akil Bello
  • If filing FAFSA online- use the federal FREE site fafsa.ed.gov/#campuschat Wendy David-Gaines
  • College Bound teens need to encourage their families to complete the FAFSA in January #campuschat Fuji Fulgueras
  • Apply for everything. The worst you can be told is NO. #campuschat Akil Bello
  • File the FAFSA and then apply for as many college scholarships as you possibly can! #campuschat Monica L. Matthews
  • Always fill out the FAFSA, even if you don't think you'll get any federal aid–it's FREE and u just never know about school aid #campuschat Suzanne Shaffer
  • File the FAFSA in January and use estimated figures–the early bird always gets the worm #campuschat Suzanne Shaffer
  • Fin Aid runs out and the the early bird gets the worm! #campuschat Akil Bello
  • SAR=Student Aid Report. It's sent after you filed FAFSA. Use it to make corrections. #campuschat Wendy David-Gaines

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