Become a Featured School on Smart College Visit

January 2012

6a0120a5738b4b970b013489b3d798970cHow to Become a Featured School and Look Smart on SmartCollegeVisit

We're accepting requests from 4-year colleges and universities to become a SmartCollegeVisit featured school over the next few months as we roll out new features to enhance travel planning for college-bound teens and their families. 

Our integrated marketing approach to representing your school on our site and through our connected social media channels expands your online presence.

Become a beta client and take advantage of these three smart ways to get your college featured on SmartCollegeVisit:

  1. Sign up for a Smart Visit Profile for your college. Email us at info @ smartcollegevisit dot com for information. We look forward to sharing information and dates related to your visit programs.
  2. Showcase the really cool, must see place on your college campus. Click Smart See, Smart Do at Your School to get started.
  3. Let us tell the story of your school's unique undergraduate learning opportunities through our Smart Learning series. 

Doing one or all of the above will give prospective students and their families the opportunity to connect with you, plan a visit to your school, and learn what not to miss when visiting your campus. The above promotional services are backed up with social media outreach and are free to our beta clients. Contact me today to sign up or learn more.

Here's a short list of other ways we could potentially work together:

  • Mobile Campus Guides for the iPhone and Android phones (tell me more!)
  • Web & Mobile Event Registrations (Non-ecommerce, visit/college tour registrations)
  • SEO Marketing Campaigns

Mobile Campus Guides – The Ultimate Recruitment App

Our development platform for mobile campus guides is smart. Really smart. We've taken a navigational approach to create mobile apps that allow visitors to campus, and enrolled students (really anyone on campus) get from point A to point B from any point on your campus. Click here to request more information.

Mobile-friendly Web Forms

If you'd like to reduce rekeying of data and get rid of the on-site visit registration forms, then why not move to a mobile form that parents or students can access via their cell phones while sitting and waiting for the information session to begin? Contact us to discuss mobile forms for your office. 

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