I Have To Take WHAT? Economics?

We asked our interns to write about a class they had to take but really hated having to do so. Emily is a marketing senior at Virginia Tech. Marketing is a major in the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech and Economics is a required class. Here's what Emily has to say about having to take a year of Econ:

Economics Class for Marketing?  

E_Pickelhaupt by Emily Pickelhaupt

I never thought I’d see the day that I’d over-prepare for a test simply because  the information I was learning would be beneficial in my future career. That being said, every major has courses that are challenging or may seem irrelevant.

As with most college students, I had to take classes that did not interest me, but were important to build the foundation for my degree. Principles of Economics was the worst. It was a two-semester class  so the torture carried on for an entire year.  (I also could not stand Accounting.) My brain does not work in that way. My major entails creativity and fun. Doing countless math problems was not something I had signed up for. 

But, each one of those classes that I suffered through during my freshman and sophomore year continues to show their faces in my (very fun) marketing classes. Every day a concept from Accounting is mentioned, or a theory found in Economics is used to explain how marketing is used. They are all interrelated, and each one is very important to being a successful business student. 

My best advice with any class that causes you pain is to make friends. I found that by having  close friends in the class with me made the work easier and studying together was more fun than going at it alone.

The important thing for me was to keep focused on each class and to do well. So, when it's your turn at college, keep an open mind about the academic requirements. Everyone has to do his or her time in the harder, less interesting classes to build that strong foundation. Just make sure to take some fun electives to balance everything out. Get ready to start caring about all of the classes you take. It all pays off in the end.


Emily is a Smart College Visit campus rep intern representing Virginia Tech. As a college student at Virginia Tech, she will share news and insights about her life as a Hokie. Click here for more information about our Campus Rep Internship Program. You can read more from our interns in the Campus Rep Blog Series.  (Note that the opinions about college likes and dislikes are the personal opinions of the authors, not necessarily those of the editors and staff at Smart College Visit, Inc.)


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