Top 10 List of Top Content on Smart College Visit

Z. Kelly Queijo

Top10_collageFor college-bound teens, it's a given that fall is a frenetic mashup of campus visits and college fairs, with an intense focus on college admissions essays and applications. In other words: the future.

It's comes as no surprise then that the top 10 most-read posts last month (October 2011) were directly related to what students need to know as they prepare to choose a major, select colleges to apply to and begin the application process.  Number 1 on this list remains the most-read post of all time on Smart College Visit: 

  1. Student-to-Student: Questions to ask on a College Visit 
  2. Should I Drop This Class  
  3. Top 10 Questions for the Undecided Major  
  4. Freshmen: Should I Bring My Car to Campus? 
  5. College Mom Minute 
  6. An App for College-bound Students to Remember 
  7. Your College Admissions Essay: Get Real  
  8. 10 Tips for Dressing Smart for your College Admissions Interview 
  9. The Top 10 Questions to ask about Study Abroad Programs 
  10. Virginia Public Colleges & Universities