I Have To Take WHAT? Theory and Process of Communication?

We asked our interns to write about a class they had to take but really hated having to do so. Chelsea Merget, a senior at Boston University, is pursuing a degree in Communications with a minor in Psychology. Here's what Chelsea has to say about having to take Theory and Process of Communication.

There's Always Room For More Knowledge

By Chelsea Merget

Fotolia_1708647_XSAs a student exploring potential college classes, you’ll discover that every degree has a few dreaded core curriculum requirements that no student actually wants to take–even though these classes provide a foundation for the rest of your academic and working career.

I am a senior at Boston University and with graduation rapidly approaching, my case of senioritis is getting more and more severe. Final degree requirements are definitely not on my fun list of things to do. 

Alas, this semester I ended up taking: “Theory and Process of Communication.” Sounds riveting, right? It is one of the core classes standing between me and my Bachelor's of Science in Communication.

The first day of class I showed up with an extremely negative attitude. What could this class possibly teach me that I haven’t already learned?

A lot, it turns out. Professor Shanahan has a witty and dry sense of humor that engages and acknowledges the intelligence of his audience. The concepts he teaches are applicable and relatable to students. This class has truly transformed my communication style–something I thought was set in stone long ago.

This class has challenged me and pressed me to examine all of the minute details of everyday interaction that are too often overlooked. It has given me an entirely new perspective and awareness about how I communicate with people and how they choose to interact with me.

I grossly underestimated the value of this class and how its concepts will be applied to my future career. I’m glad I learned that there’s always room for more knowledge.


Chelsea Merget is a public relations intern with Smart College Visit representing Boston University. The views and opinions of college likes and dislikes are the personal opinion of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the editors and staff at Smart College Visit, Inc. Click here to read more of Chelsea's great work! 


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