The 5 Minute Rule: Finding Truth in the College Visit

Z. Kelly Queijo

Grace Boyle is a 20-something, noted Gen-Y blogger with a career fueled by a degree in public relations from Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. Her search for the right college took her from one end of the country to the other and all along she knew that when she found the right college she would truly just "know it." 

Grace Boyle and friends, see Small Hands, Big Ideas blogYears later, after a graduating and setting into life in the "real world," as Director of Marketing and Sales for Kapost, Grace found herself giving advice to a teen who was just beginning to search for and visit colleges.  

Grace gave us permission to share her story. Here's an an excerpt from the blog post Grace wrote to advise her friend on where to begin her college search: 

from: The Unconventional Guide to Finding Your College

To be honest, when looking for a college you should go for something that seems perfect…for you. I visited colleges around the country and landed in Burlington (Vermont) and just knew within 5 minutes of being on campus its where I wanted to go. I know it seems odd, but I wouldn’t be as concerned with if it’s “too perfect” because it’s all about how it fits you. Some other people may not think Champlain is the right fit for them and that’s okay, too.  <read more>

— Grace Boyle, blogger
Small Hands, Big Ideas

The 5-Minute Rule?

It took Grace 5-minutes to know Champlain College was right for her. How long did it take you to know which school was right for you? Did visiting campus have an impact? Add you comments here or go to our Facebook/SmartCollegeVisit and share your story.