Expert Tips on How to Prepare for SAT/ACT Tests, Part 3: The Content


The following is part 3 of our 4-part series on SAT/ACT test prep.

Part 3. (Re)Learn the content. 
What makes the SAT and ACT tough is they are an odd combination of the easy and the hard, the general and the specific, and the familiar and the unfamiliar.  You will see general subjects like Algebra, but you should be prepared for questions covering various concepts from the two years of subject material covered in high school.

The SAT and ACT test you on content from 1st through 11th grade. This insanely large range makes a really tough test to study for. When was the last time you’ve thought about a prime number, an integer, a multiple, a factor, or divisibility? All of these terms from 5 – 7th grade math make the test tougher if you don’t remember them and remember them well.

To prepare for the SAT/ACT you need to know what to study so you can be efficient and effective.

SAT/ACT Tips: 

  • In math about 90% of the questions are from Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry. A smaller portion of the content is Algebra II and Trigonometry (the ACT has only 4 of 60 questions on SOHCAHTOA and the SAT has 0).
  • Get SAT specific books.

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