College Visits Break Down Barriers

Z. Kelly Queijo

Perception vs reality - visit campus and find outI often write about the value of visiting a college campus in person. From the tactile to the practical, the reasons to experience campus on a personal and individual level are many, but one reason I have not addressed until now is this: visiting campus is the only way to break down perceived barriers

Did you hear that College X has terrible food? Or, that the students are apathetic and lack school spirit? Do you think that because of a northern location, the area gets more snow than you (or your parents) want to deal with? Has the school been portrayed in the media in a way that left a negative impression on you? 

How will you let one story, one tweet, one wall post or one other person's opinion affect what you think about a particular college campus?

Shouldn't you go see the college for yourself?

Getting an education is, after all, about learning what you don't know–right? Perhaps your college education really begins with the campus visit. 

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