8 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Virtual College Visit

Z. Kelly Queijo

Do the number of colleges on your list of schools to visit exceed your number of Facebook friends? 

Create your own college admissions virtual visitIf so, then it may be a little difficult, not to mention expensive, to visit all of them (colleges, that is). So why not create your own virtual college experience and explore what each school has to offer you online? Use the checklist below as a guide. 

Here's what to look for:

  1. The Admissions Web Page. (Of course!)
  2. Link to a Virtual Campus Tour. Usually linked from the admissions site.
  3. College and/or Admissions Facebook Page. Great place to post a question and read through conversation threads.
  4. College YouTube Videos. Watch those hosted on the admissions, visit, or departmental/college major pages that interest you, then search for the school name on YouTube and explore what you find there. The polished, produced commercial spots are one way to tell a school's story but so are the man-on-the-street-student-produced videos as well as those those shot with web-cams or cell phones.  
  5. College Newspaper. Read it online or even subscribe for a while. You'll definitely find out more about campus life. 
  6. College/University Blogs. If not immediately obvious from the school's web site, use the search tool to find admissons or student blogs. There may even be a college/university president's blog. 
  7. College Twitter Accounts. News, admissions, sports, events, professors, student organizations…follow the accounts representing what you think will be important to you if enrolled. You can always unfollow later. 
  8. Online College Admissions Chat Rooms. (Check the admissions web page to see if offered.)

What else would you add to this list?