SCV Weekend Wrap-up 09/03/11

by Z. Kelly Queijo

New on Smart College Visit (SCV)

This past week we marked the debut of our new audio-podcast series College Mom Minute. We're excited to collaborate with Dr. Nancy Berk weekly to bring you smart tips for parents navigating the college process. Nancy's quirky, keen sense of humor will delight you week after week. So, tune in on Mondays to hear Nancy's unique take on parenting and college. 

Travel Tuesday

If you use Twitter, then you probably know that on Tuesdays you're likely to see the hashtag "#TT" or "#traveltuesday" in tweets signifying a day to promote travel or news about travel. That's when we like to publish a story related to travel and college visits. Our TravelTuesday piece this week, not only introduced our new client, Bridgewater College but also a new writer for Smart College Visit, Su Clauson-Wicker.  If you missed it earlier in the week, check out Su's first piece for SCV: Smart See, Smart Do: Bridgewater College Equestrian Center and find out how to book your tour or maybe even bring your horse to college with you. 


Dorm Drop-Off was the topic of this week's Twitter chat. Nancy Berk (@nancyberk) and Priscilla Pilon (@WeekendInParis), fresh from dropping their sons off at college to begin freshman year, got the conversation rolling with tales of their experiences. Others joined in and the conversation became a mixture of heartfelt emotions mixed with humor and topped off with sage advice from parents and college students who have been through this before. If you could not make the chat, I encourage you to read the transcript. You'll laugh, maybe even tear-up a little, and you'll get some practical, space-saving tips for packing and storing dorm-room necessities.

#CampusChat is every Wednesday at 9PM, Eastern on Twitter. Follow @collegevisit for up-to-date information. 

 SCV News

  • WIDGET: We recently announced on the availabilty of our travel tool for colleges and college-search vendors: the Smart Visit Widget. The widget makes it easy for any school or business to add location-based travel resources to their web sites. If you're interested in learning more, click to contact SCV. The full press release is available here: Smart Visit Widget Debut.
  • PARENTS.COM: We're excited to report that SCV has been nominated for the Best Family Travel Blog. Now, we know SCV is not about traditional family travel or vacations. We're a niche travel site and typically cover vacay travel when the trip also includes visiting colleges. That said, we have published nearly 500 blog posts related to travel planning and college visits and we do see college travel as a family-centric event, so in that regard, perhaps we do belong in this category. It's an honor to be nominated and listed in the company of so many other outstanding parent blogs. (If you do happen to think we're awesome as a family travel blog, then please feel free to share the love and vote for SCV here.)
  • COMING UP: A new College Mom Minute, an interview with a TV Dad/celeb, and new pricing on the College Caboodle. So stay smart and stay tuned!