6 Reasons College-Bound Teens Should Use Twitter

According to The Digital Buzz Blog, only 7% of teens use Twitter.  That’s a number I’d like to see go up and here’s why:

Twitter bird announce1. College Search – Colleges use Twitter. That’s the Number One reason college-bound teens (and their parents) should, too. College News and Alerts, as well as program highlights and faculty accomplishments are regularly tweeted by colleges. Try searching for a college or major using Twitter Search. You may find something of interest. Personally, I like to use the advanced search function to narrow the scope of my search.

2. College Visits/College Admissions – Want to keep up with deadlines, open house dates and other key admissions or campus visit info? Follow the admissions office on Twitter. Some schools may not have a separate Twitter account for admissions. In that case, just follow the main news account for info. (You can also follow @collegevisit — we tweet about the campus visit programs for the colleges we work with.)

3. Opinions – To find out what others are saying about a college, a major or a career choice, look for mentions of the school by searching either their Twitter id or by replacing the “@” with a “#” before the id or some version of the school name.

4. Networking through Twitter Chats – College counselors, college admissions advisors, program directors, professors, and current college students all participate in Twitter chats. It’s a terrific way to meet people associated with a school you’re considering, network, ask questions and get answers in real-time. Many higher-ed chats are held late afternoon and in the evening. Three popular college-bound/college life chats are:

  • #CollegeBound – hosted by The College Bound Network, Mondays, at 4PM ET.
  • #CollegeChat – hosted by Theresa Smith, bi-weekly on First and third Tuesdays at 9:00-10:00pm EST.

5. Weather – Twitter goes with weather like rain with an umbrella. On August 12, the Weather Channel began streaming weather related tweets on television. Between official weather updates to man-on-the-street tweets, knowing what’s going on weather-wise can be extremely important, especially if you have a college road trip planned.

6. Traffic Alerts – Follow the “DOT” (Department of Transportation) in your state or the state(s) you are traveling through via Twitter and you’ll know when and where road conditions are unsafe or if an accident is causing delays. You can always unsubscribe after your trip if you don’t want to continue to get updates.