Tonight on #CampusChat: How to Get Free Money for College

Attention Parents: FREE MONEY!

Free money for college, scholarships Nothing attracts attention like the prospect of getting something for free. It's even better when the "free" applies to money and to college.

In other words: free money means scholarships and that's the topic of our weekly Twitter chat: #CampusChat

Kevin Ladd, vice president of, will co-host tonight's chat on when and how to get free money for college. From questions students should ask on college visits to how to apply for scholarships, Kevin will share insights about the pursuit of free money to pay for college.

According to Kevin, there are scholarships available for all types of students, not just the top academic achievers. Learn more tonight on #CampusChat.

#CampusChat begins at 9PM, Eastern. Twitter follows:  Kevin Ladd  @scholarkev and Smart College Visit @collegevisit

Please share this post with parents of high schoolers, especially those in the 9th or 10th grade. Scholarship search needs to begin earlier than you might think.

If you have specific questions about scholarship search, post them as a comment here and we'll get your questions answered.