MapQuest Your College Visit

Hitting the road to visit colleges this summer? 

There are many good online mapping tools for planning your college visit road trip and MapQuest has a feature that makes printing directions a thing of the past. 

After entering your "from" and "to" information to get directions, you can direct MapQuest to deliver the output to your GPS device or directly to your mobile phone. 


If you plan to send your routes to your GPS device, you will need to install or download software specific to your device. It's pretty easy to do so and well worth the few minutes it takes so you can easily post directions  directly to your GPS. 



Mobile_PhoneTo do have MapQuest send directions to your smart phone, all you have to do is  enter a cell phone number and a link to view directions in the mobile web browser will be sent as a text message. Click on the link to open the directions for an easy-to-read, mobile friendly display. You'll never print directions again!



You can also choose to embed the code to display directions on a website or to share on Facebook. How will you get to college this summer?