College Caboodle: Organizing College Visits, Admission & More

Organize.   Apply.   Succeed. 

College Caboodle college admissions organizer The College Caboodle* is an organizing system designed by moms to make preparing for college a breeze.

Never lose an important document again!

It's the perfect component for keeping track of your student's important documents, essays, letters of recommendation, grades and scholarships.

Give your family peace of mind — know WHERE everything is and WHEN you'll need it!

  • Calendar of to-do's 9th – 12th grade
  • Eliminate paper piles
  • No more missed scholarship deadlines
  • Compact storage system – fits neatly on your desk
  • CD and flash drive compartments
  • Instructional CD (included)
  • Easy to use forms/checklists
  • Must-know website resources
  • Pre-labeled folders makes filing easy

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