The College Visit Vacay




In a few weeks, summer will officially be in season and, for many, the campus visit will take on the two-fold mission of exploring a college for the right fit and finding ways to have some family fun along the way. 

The college visit vacay is a convenient, not to mention easy and economical) way to turn something you have to/should do into an enjoyable family adventure. For one mom of a high school junior, it's a no-brainer and planning is key:

"We plan our college visits way in advance because I think you pretty much need to go on a weekday which means taking vacation time. I don't know why, but something about giving up a vacation day (or two) makes you really want to make it feel more like vacation and less like a duty. You don't want the gross motel and you don't want fast food because the trip is supposed to be fun, not a chore. Also, if you have younger kids (we do) you want the experience to be fun for the whole family. We always try to find something unrelated to college to do on the trip…makes the younger sister much happier!  So…this all boils down to the need for planning. Any resource I can find to help make college visits more like vacation is a huge bonus!"
— BB from Raleigh, NC

Where will your college visit vacay take you this summer? 

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To avoid the "gross" hotels, please check out the Plan Visit pages on the college profile pages here on Just search for a college (use the search box at the top of the screen) and select the one you want to read more about. The list of hotels appears under the "Reserve Hotel" tab and includes information such as distance to campus as well as customer reviews. Research and plan before you hit the road and your college visit vacay will be much more enjoyable.