Spring Break – What this means to College Visits

Spring Break and College Visits

Ah, Spring Break! The long awaited, most anticipated, anxious for sunshine and warm temperatures best time of year! (Until summer break, of course.)  

For college students, spring break is a dream come true; for families visiting a college campus, spring break will turn a lively thriving campus into a ghost town in less time than it takes to fill the car up with gas.

So what should you do if you're thinking about visiting campus while classes are NOT in session?

  • Have reasonable expectations  - a campus without students is just not the same as a campus bustling with thousands of students. 
  • Don't expect to meet with a professor – they're on break, too!
  • Don't expect a student-lead tour. Or a formal tour of campus at all. Many schools will not offer campus tours until the student return. Check the school's web site or contact the admissions office to find out if there have been any changes to the visit schedule. 
  • Do take the time to plan ahead or reschedule your visit for when students return.
  • Ask if there's a self-guided tour either via mobile download, via the web, or on paper and head out on your own informed with the right information.
  • Watch a video about the college (we have over 500 right here on Smart College Visit – just search by school name!).

 Bottom line, set reasonable expectations and have fun! If you've toured a campus while the students were on break, what was your visit like? Did you return for a formal tour? Use the comment feature to share your story.