Track Your Colleges

Smart College Visit’s Free Travel Planner tool also allows you to keep track of the colleges that interest you. The travel planner and college tracking features appear on screen once you’ve selected a college to view.

When the school’s profile page appears, you can add the school to the MY TRAVEL PLANS tracking tool located in the blue sidebar on the right side of the screen of the college profile page. A user-account is necessary to begin tracking schools via the travel planner.

MY TRAVEL PLANS provides an at-a-glance view that allows you to keep track of the colleges you may have already visited as well as those you plan to vist. Just use the add/edit feature to update your planner.

When you search for colleges and find one you like, just click FAVORITE from the menu on the school’s profile page. This will add that school to the MY FAVORITES list in the sidebar. You can add or remove colleges from the this list as often as you like. 

Use the MY APPLICATIONS tracker the same way. Select APPLY to keep a running list of the schools you plan to apply to.

Use the Add/Edit/Delete controls to update the information in the Travel Planner. There is no charge to use the Smart College Visit Travel Planner. All you have to do is sign-in to get started.