Next on CampusChat: Christmas Break and College Kids

How do you cope when the kids come home from college?

Fotolia_21474439_XS 'Tis the season for college kids to vacate campus and re-enter life at home. They've been gone for 3-4 months, living independently, taking responsibility for themselves (and their laundry), and now they're back. 

For parents of freshmen, it's a season of firsts–first time back home for an extended stay (most semester breaks are 3-4 weeks long), first college grade report, and the first time your child returns to the fold (just long enough to get back into the family routine before returning to school).

Parents, what are your expectations? And, for those who have already gone through this, what advice do you have to share? Bring your questions and expectations to the next CampusChat, this Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 9PM, Eastern, and we'll chat via Twitter about college kids' homecoming. 

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