CampusChat and PTChat: A Twitter Chat 2 for 1

Tonight, 9PM Eastern, on Twitter, it's a Twitter Chat 2fer!

#CampusChat is joining forces with #PTChat to bring you a lively discussion focused on helping teens prepare for success in college. Since both chats meet at the same time, on the same day, we decided to bring our chats together this evening. 

#CampusChat is sponsored by SmartCollegeVisit and moderated by Kelly Queijo (@collegevisit).

#PTChat is sponsored by Parentella and moderated by Amanda Henson, community director for Parentella (@parentella). Parentella is a Private Parent Teacher Social Network whose mission is to engage parents in their kids’ education by enabling conversations among parents and teachers. 

College counselor/academic matchmaker, Shelley Krause (@ButWait), who is active on both chats, encouraged the online meetup: "I am interested in helping students (and people in general, actually) find their "tribes" as learners, and I try to empower purposeful networks wherever I go. I thought that bringing the Parentella and Campus Chat communities together could be a great learning experience for everyone involved, and I'm excited to help enable that conversation this Wednesday evening."

To make this work, ideally, we'd like all participants to use both hashtags (#campuschat #ptchat) in discussion tweets. 

For more information about how to participate in Twitter chats, click here: Twitter Tools for #CampusChat.