You can be Naked and be on CampusChat

Or, your college roommate could be naked–a nudist even–or maybe you discover that when living with someone for the first time you both discover the awkwardness of dealing with nakedness. What do you do?
These are just some of the issues Harlan Cohen addressed in his best-selling book, The Naked Roommate and 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College.

  For answers to questions that range from roommates to relationships and Greek life to laundry, join us on Twitter, Wednesday evening at 9 PM Eastern on #CampusChat. Harlan will be on hand tweeting advice for the college-bound, those who are already in college, and parents of all of the above. 

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About Harlan Cohen

Harlan began is writing career at Indiana University's school newspaper, The Indiana Daily Student. Following an internship on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," he returned to college and began writing the advice column "Help Me, Harlan" which he has since taken national. In addition, he has authored three books and a workbook to help teens and parents face some of the biggest changes each of us face in life: college and parenting. 

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