Takeaway Tweets & Transcript from #CampusChat with Carol Christen on Teens, College & Jobs

What reasonable, hard-working adult would invest $60-$160,000 in the future of an 18 year-old when there is no clear plan for a Return-On-Investment (ROI)?

What parent is looking forward to seeing their child graduate from college only to move back home?

College admissions applications ask "What is your major?" not "What is your career goal?"

Has the vale of a university degree diminished? 

Carol_christen These are just a few of the tough questions we explored via #CampusChat with guest, Carol Christen, career strategist and author of What Color is Your Parachute for Teens. Some of the statistics shared were shocking. It's one thing to know that the nation has a high unemployment rate, it's another thing to learn that we have high unemployment because workers lack the math and science skills to fill vacancies. 

While raising awareness of these important facts, Carol also shared solutions that make sound business sense: make a career plan, learn to network, gain experience via internships, and choose a career path that meets the needs of the market. 

Here are the Takeaway Tweets and the complete transcript. What do you think? Should career planning be part of your teen's college admissions planning? Feel free to comment below or on our Facebook Fan page