On the Road to College with DJ Waldow

Special thanks to DJ Waldow, former guest on #CampusChat, for telling his First College Visit Story about traveling his road to college. From his first college visit to applying early decision to what happened next — there's nothing quite like being on the road to college. 

The following excerpt is printed with permission from Handshake 2.0. where the story first appeared. 

Road Tripping College Firsts

DJ Waldow Avatar - June 2010 I grew up in Rochester, NY. Everyone in my immediate family had attended college so there was never a question as to what I was doing after high school. I'll never forget my first college visit. I can't recall why, but I was determined to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I actually knew very little about it other than it was in the state of North Carolina and had a good basketball team. That's it.

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