College Tour Tip: Remember the 2-2-2 Rule

For Parents:

2vertx3 2 Schools a Day.
Don't try to visit more than two schools a day, especially if the schools aren't close together. Any more than that and you'll never have enough time to really get a fair sense of the school, which after all, is the entire point of taking the road trip.

2 Question Limit.
Given that most teens find their parents embarrassing under any circumstances, they are especially sensitive to mom or dad asking numerous questions on the campus tour. Try to limit your questions to two vital topics. For example, focus on safety and financial aid.

Speak with 2 professors or students (at least!) from your teen's intended major. Now is your -and your teenager's – time to determine if this learning environment is right for your family. Ask a student, "What is the quality of faculty advising? Which outstanding professors or courses does he/she recommend for that specific major?" Speak to a professor about general education requirements, which classes are most popular and fill up quickly, and which classes should be completed in the first year.

For more info, read the complete article Top 10 Tips – College Tour 101 by Dr. Richard E. Bavaria, senior vice president for education outreach at Sylvan Learning.