College Tour Tip: Ask Why?

Chat Beyond the look and feel of a college campus, the most important reason to visit a campus in person is so you can ask questions in person. On your college tour, seek out 4 or 5 college students and ask them this question: "Why did you pick this school?"

You may be a little nervous approaching a stranger and asking this question, but the more students you ask, the easier it gets. So, give it a try. The answers will likely be varied, ranging from the pragmatic "it's affordable" or "they are top-ranked in the major I chose" to the emotional "my girlfriend goes here" or "I love the football team." Either way, asking "why" is a conversation starter and from there, you can really gain some insight about the college you are touring. 

Other College Tour Tips:

  1. Let the Kids do the Talking
  2. Remember the 2-2-2 Rule

Have you been on college tour or campus visit recently? What advice do you have to share with teens and parents of the college-bound?