College Tour: Parent Notes from 3 Campus Visits

Real Mom/Real College Visits

Cal_collage A parent of a high school senior shares her notes from three days of college visits touring out-of-state schools:

School #1: Went on a Sunday. Student just took us on a tour of the campus.

School #2: Went on Monday. Great slide show while we were waiting for admissions person to talk to pm group. Emphasis on what famous people have graduated and what graduates have done. Had to drive to place where we were put on a bus to tour campus: 1/2 by bus, 1/2 by walking.

School #3: Went on Tuesday. OK slide show. Admissions person went over numbers, but didn't know a whole lot (not impressed – he should have really been selling the place). Student took group on 2 hr tour of campus. She knew more than the admiss guy.


What can parents takeaway from this family's college tour experience?

  • If you visit when classes are not in session (ex: on Sundays, holidays, or during semester breaks), you won't have access to the same quality of information or visit experience compared to visiting during scheduled visit days.
  • Quality of experience matters and a host who knows the school well, and can answer parents' questions or can get answers quickly makes a good impression.
  • Tour guides matter, too. Teens relate to the college student tour guides and a knowledgeable friendly guide will often have the greatest influence over whether or not the college tour made a strong impression. 

Which school do you think made the best impression on the prospective student?