CampusChat Explores Career Planning for Teens with Carol Christen

When career strategist, Carol Christen posted a statement on Twitter poking fun at our list: Top Tweeters: Where'd They Go To School, my curiosity was peaked. 


She's right, it is a "silly" list, and while we created it for fun, it was the latter part of her tweet that got me wondering…is college for everyone? How does going or not going to college impact you're ability to succeed? What choices led these top tweeters to the celeb status they now enjoy?

I went to Carol's web site, Parachute4Teens: Career Help for the Young and Restless, and quickly decided that I wanted to know more about her work and her take on teens, careers, and college. 

We connected, where else, but on Twitter, then later moved our conversation to email and then to telephone. I learned that Carol is a career strategist and author who has been involved in providing life and work planning and job-search skill training since 1979.

Her book, What Color is Your Parachute for Teens  was written to help teens begin career planning while still in high school in ways that help them discover what type of work they love and suits them best. Carol says, "It's not about narrowing down career choices, it's about expanding them as you (the teen) learn more about yourself and the job market." 

After our communication, I had even more questions: 

  • Is starting to plan a career at 15 too young?
  • Is a "good education" enough to help graduates find jobs?
  • Does the choice of major matter? 
  • Does everyone need to go to college?

Carol's got answers and she's going to share them Wednesday evening as my guest on CampusChat. If you have questions about career planning for teens, join us on CampusChat at 9 pm, Eastern. Please feel free to post questions in the comment section of this blog post as well and I'll see that Carol gets them. 

On Wednesday evening, follow tweets with "#CampusChat" to track or participate in the Twitter chat with Carol.