Takeaway Tweets & Transcript from #CampusChat with Fleet Aviation

Fotolia_tweeting Flying air charter as another option for travel to and from college tours was the topic of last night's CampusChat (Wednesday, October 6, 2010). Guest Jennifer Forde, of Fleet Aviation, led the discussion on the benefits and options of air charter over flying commercial.

The following Takeaway Tweets are an education on the affordability and convenience of flying air charter with Fleet Aviation. Click here for the full transcript involving all of the participants.

Fleet Aviation is an on-demand air charter service that flies on your schedule to anywhere within 500 miles of the New Your City & Boston areas. You may contact Jennifer via Twitter @FleetAviation, send an email to: info@flyfleet.com, or call 866-862-9509. (Related post: Fleet Aviation Offers Fly Over on College Tour)