Fleet Aviation Offers Fly Over on College Tour

Unh_aerial_500 When it comes to touring colleges, the usual options include: going on a traditional walking tour, riding a tour bus, or driving around campus in your car. 

What if you could fly?

Fleet Aviation's charter flight service to colleges and universities on the East Coast can not only fly you to the school you want to visit, but can also fly right over campus giving you something no other type of college tour can — a bird's eye view of the lay of the land. 

Fleet Aviation is an on-demand air charter service that flies on your schedule to anywhere within 500 miles of the New York City and Boston areas. Since schools are often located in hard-to-reach places, Fleet can get you to multiple schools in a day so that you spend more time on-site, not in-transit. 

While flying charter is may be thought of as an expensive option, Fleet charges by the plane, per hour which means that up to five passengers can fly together at per-person rates that rival commercial flights. 

"Many parents began using our service to visit several schools in a day, as they just didn’t have the time to spend a whole weekend away," says Customer Relations Expert, Jennifer Forde. "By getting you to multiple destinations and back home again in one day, Fleet helps eliminate the need for costly overnight hotel stays."

The company has been in business over five years. Fleet's pilots all have averaged 3,200 hours in the air and even more charter-specific training. With access to hundreds of local and regional airports, not typically available to commercial airlines, Fleet can land much closer to the school. They'll also make ground transportation arrangements for you.

To learn more about college tours with Fleet Aviation, tune into #CampusChat on Twitter tonight (Wednesday, October 6, 2010) at 9 p.m.