Tonight on CampusChat: How to be the Parent Admissions will Love

Tonight's #CampusChat the topic is "How to be the Parent Admissions will Love." Earning "love" from a college admissions office is probably not what parents think about when they "help" their child navigate the college admissions process, but, for some, it couldn't hurt. 

Fotolia_7756710_XS For example, would you bring your pet to a college campus and then ask the admissions office staff to keep an eye on it while you go on a college tour? Let's just say this won't win you any love from the admissions staff. 

Tune in to #CampusChat on Twitter tonight at 9PM Eastern (8CT, 7 MT, 6 PT) for more great parenting tips on WHAT NOT TO DO when you visit campus. Your kid will thank you and Admissions will love you. 

All of the tips I'll share come from real experiences by admissions professionals. So join us tonight. The best (or worst) is yet to come!