The 5 W’s of #CampusChat with DJ Waldow

Is DJ Waldow excited about CampusChat? 

DJ Waldow, Directory of Community at Blue Sky Factory

I'll say! He's co-hosting CampusChat this week and can't wait to chat about email and social media. DJ is Blue Sky Factory's director of community and is known to eat, sleep, breathe, and sometimes dream email marketing. With over five years of experience in the email industry and several in the social media world, DJ's role is to help clients become better marketers through email marketing and social media. 

Any conversation that involves the cross-pollination of email marketing (Batman) and social media (Robin) gets DJ pumped. Additionally, conversations that help prospects and clients think about ways to incorporate email marketing and social media into their marketing mix are DJ's strengths. He can be found speaking at industry events, including Internet Retailer, the Email Evolution Conference, and the Online Marketing Summit, and writing for popular online publications, such as MediaPost's Email Insider and MarketingProfs

Here are the 5W's for CampusChat with DJ Waldow

WHO: DJ Waldow, director of community at Blue Sky Factory is our expert guest and co-host. In terms of WHO should attend: The CampusChat audience includes parents of college-bound teens, some teens, college admissions advisors, coaches, and consultants, guidance counselors, and others who support or serve the higher ed community. We'll be focused on higher ed, but anyone interested in learning what happens when email marketing and social media team up to give marketing and community a superhero KAPOW! should join the conversation. 

WHAT: CampusChat Topic: How Higher Ed Can Use Power of Email Marketing and Social Media

WHERE: Twitter!

WHEN: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 9PM Eastern

WHY: Where else can you spend an hour on a Wednesday engaged in learning, interaction, and connecting with experts who are passionate about email marketing, social media, and higher education?

Connect with DJ: Twitter: @djwaldow  Blog: Email: