Takeaway Tweets & Transcript from #CampusChat with Nancy Berk, Whine At 9

Takeaway Tweets  Every time I host CampusChat, I look forward to culling the transcript and writing about the "takeaway tweets" the following morning. With psychologist-turned-humorist, Nancy Berk, as guest and co-host, there were some real gems last night. Over 200 of them. No, really. The tweets flowed like wine – make that "whine" – since our topic was "Parent College  Whines" taken after a podcast and blog Nancy co-hosts called Whine At 9

Like with any really good conversation, everyone contributed something of value and more often than not, the tweets were packed with a humorous, insightful look at how we (and others) attempt to nurture our children from teen-hood through adulthood with college as the stepping stone. 

So rather than list tweet after tweet, I invite you to read the transcript and be prepared to laugh out loud. Which reminds me, if you're a parent attending a college tour or information session, the consensus from last night's chat was that parents should not text or read text messages during admission interviews or presentations. Likewise, since it's our duty not to embarrass our children while on a college tour, Nancy offered this advice: 

@nancyberk: Parents: For tour: avoid fanny packs, stilettos, and belly shirts.If you wear all three you should lose your license to parent. #CampusChat

For more of Nancy's humor, read her blog (Nancy Berk: Stand-up Psychology), listen to her Whine At 9 podcast or book her to speak at your next event.

The complete transcript: #CampusChat September 1, 2010 with Nancy Berk