Takeaway Tweets & Transcript from #CampusChat with DJ Waldow


Give me a reason to careThose who attended last night's CampusChat (09/15/10) were treated to a lively, interactive and insightful discussion on email, social media and higher-ed. 

It's doubtful that any one of those topics alone could generate enough excitement worthy of an hour of our precious time, but when you combine all three in a discussion led by an evangelist of email marketing (DJ Waldow) and throw in feedback from those who have to read higher-ed emails, you end up with some takeaway tweets that treat!

DJ Waldow, Director of Community at Blue Sky Factory, an email and social marketing company, and featured guest kindly provided his own Top 4 Takeaway Tweets from CampusChat:

@djwaldow:  #CampusChat Takeaway 1 of 4: Infuse some human in your email copy.

@djwaldow:  #CampusChat Takeaway 2 of 4: Hire a current or just-graduated student help manage your email campaigns (nods to @kmrivard)

@djwaldow: #CampusChat Takeaway 3 of 4: Before you hit send, ask yourself (honestly), "Would I open/read this email if I got it?"

@djwaldow: #CampusChat Takeaway 4 of 4: Have fun. Smile. Laugh. Nobody dies in email marketing or social media. We are all human.

I have to add that the input from college students Kelly Rivard (@kmrivard) and Luke Glasner (@Lukes_Tweets), and that of higher-ed email writer, Scott Cohen (@scottcohen13) provided the reactionary, customer/user input often overlooked when planning an email campaign. Kelly said it best: Give me a reason to care.

To find out just how to do that, read the complete transcript. You'll also get tips on testing your list, call-to-action techniques, ideas for adding video to your emails, and creating connections via social media. There's an entire webinar worth of tips in this transcript and it's all free! 

Transcript for #campuschat – What the Hashtag?! http://bit.ly/atP5CB

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